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I have meeting notes for each of my clients Notebooks full of notes(mtg notes)


I would like to insert an active Hyperlink in the contact on my ipad,  that whenclicked links to an Evernote Notebook.  Can this happen.  I only see it as a non clickable link. 


Joe Doe contact has somewhere in the contact a clickable link to go to evernote.


What I really need is it to attach to an Outlook contact.


Any help on this would be great.


Does anyone out there use it like I requested.



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Thank you for your great app.


I agree cdad90.  I use Ipad EN app to view my pdf.


so I clicked download button for pdfs.


and EN's own viewer appeared.


But there was not my pdf's hyperlink I can clickable.


EN TEAM!! Could you make the function pdf hyperlink clickable?


I really hope you to make it.

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