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(Archived) Windows 7 Desktop Sync problems


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First of all, my English is bad, I hope I can explain it.


I use Evernote on my Windows 7 Pro (desktop application), Acer Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy SIII and in my browsers Chrome and Firefox. (Two days ago I switched from Linux Mint to Windows 7,  Evernote worked perfect on Linux Mint in Wine).


On ever device (except the desktop application) i get the right number of notes. Only with Evernote (I use this version: (268 868) Public, I think the last one in Dutch), i have the half of my notes.


I am now two days every hour clicking to synchronize but it only syncs the last notes I added, using my tablet or smartphone. At no time I get the message: "Synchronization completed".


I closed, reopened a few times. Started my pc again up. Moved the map Evernote to an other disk and removed. Log off and log in. Nothing helps.


Hopefully someone can help me because this is very annoying!

Thank you.

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