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(Archived) tag entry problems on Windows client


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I use tags a lot, and the Evernote interface for them on Android for example is quite good.


On Windows Evernote, though, there are basic problems and now increasing problems.

  1. Entering the first 4 or 5 tags is great- assisted and straightforward.
  2. However, soon you reach the end of the tags space, and then the problems come.
  3. Now in order to add another tag, an Add Tags window pops up, instead of simply expanding the tag pane, which is where you would want to have all tags be visible.
  4. After you add that one extra tag, now you have to move over and click the triple down arrow -- then move and click the only choice on it, Add Tags, and then move back to the Add Tags window which has returned. For more tags, rinse and repeat, and you can't as noted see which tags you have added. This is far from the convenience tags should have -- to get them in before you forget one, or are bored...!
  5. On recent versions including today's release of the Windows client, there is a serious glitch on top of these problems. Have a look at the picture at the bottom. I've only entered three tags, and am ready for a fourth, where you can see the cursor -- except that the UI has overwritten the space with my first tag, and the next space with some guessed tag. These are not real entries - I can overtype and get new tags - but it is a user interface severely broken, hope you would agree.


Let me close by saying that I've used Evernote practically since it was invented, and once again that tags (balanced with search) are a central part of its success for my uses. I hope and expect that's true for many others, and that you'll be interested in replacing the Add Tags window with an expanding tags pane, so that the experience is as good as on your Android design.


Thanks!  All this is by the way on a very up-to-date machine, with the real Windows client now at


Here's the picture for the UI mixup part of this report. Once again note that the second 'health', with the cursor showing before it, isn't real. What I type next will directly become that tag. The 'his' after it is also completely false -- there is really no tag there. After filling these in, then you get to the bad case of the UI in general, where instead of expanding the area for more tags, we get the multiclick and awkward Add Tags popup scenario:



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