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(Archived) loss of quick paste of screen shots & saving locally functionality



With 2.5.2 now when I launch Skitch signed in with Evernote it ALWAYS comes up with that gray background telling me that is where your Notes are saved.  It used to come up with a default blank page and I could easily paste in the clipboard screen shot I had done using the OS X built in snap to clipboard.


Also is there no way to get back the old functionality of just having skitch save all my clips locally in a history?  I do not need all my random clips saved to my evernote account but when you sign out you basically lose the functionality of saving clips at all.  Under the settings when logged in you have the choice of always save, manual or ask.  


How about letting those of us that pay for evernote and like it for its functionality be allowed to have a choice to save locally in a history view like the old Skitch....

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