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Dr. Dennis

android (Archived) (Archived) Android "Authentication Failed" Frustration

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This one seems like a no-brainer, but obviously I'm mistaken.


When the Evernote android app is unable to log in (for whatever reason) you get an "Authentication Failed" notice in the notification area.


Ok, good so far.


The problem comes when you open the notification. It doesn't even tell you what app is throwing the message! How in the hell is anyone supposed to know what can't log-in or even that this isn't a virus????


Come on developers! That's a pretty serious oversight! It took me a ton of research to figure out where the problem was.


Let's get that one fixed - how about at least a title saying that "Evernote" can't log in or something????


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Still no answer? Why am I not surprised? I'm having the same problem on my android tablet. Maybe I'll just get rid of Evernote so I won't get that notification on my tray anymore.

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