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(Archived) Notes Made Using Widget not Saving if Evernote is not Open


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Hi, I noticed an issue while using the Evernote Widget.


1. Restart phone so everything is fresh, keep wifi off

2. Use widget to take a photo

3. Click on checkbox, phone goes back to home screen

4. "Saving note to inbox" appears, then disappears

5. Turn Wifi on, wait 15 minutes, Check Evernote Web from PC. The note is not there.

6. Turn on Android Evernote, note isn't there either.


Seems like this is a bug that only take place if I dont have the main Evernote App open when creating the note. If I have evernote app open, this does not take place.


If I select the widget again through recent apps, I go straight to taking another picture. If I press the back button I see that I'm still in the process of creating a new note, with no picture attached yet. I assume that image I took previously just went to the phone storage, but not to evernote.


I'm using HTC One V.

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