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(Archived) [Feature request] Quick note option


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Hey Evernote team :)


It would be great to have an option to just add a quick note - no editting, tagging and things like that. Just click and add quicknote and it's done (like ekhm... pocket).


I'm using evernote mostly to save tweets and important links, so for me its obsolete to add tags and modify note and than click checkmark (which in my opinion is in worst possible place for right handed person).


It should be an additional option which would have by default it's own notebook (in fact users could change it to save quicknotes to any selected notebook) so later it would be easier to filter those notes.


Hope somebody will hear me out and it will happen :)


Best regards


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There is an Evernote widget that can be placed on a launcher screen.  The type of note is specified after you place the widget, text, photo, etc.


For text, the note pops up in edit mode, enter the text & check done.  That's as quick as I know how to do it.




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I know about widget but it's not solving my problem. I would love to have an option to create notes straight from share menu. the point of this feature is to limit number of times I need to click something. let me give you an example. I want to save some great tweet. I just want to click share and select option "add quicknote" and it will automatically save the tweet(or site or anything which I want to share from different application). I will not have to fill any additional information because I don't want to. Just share, click and it's done

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