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(Archived) Picture-quality too low, especailly on HD displays

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk
When you swipe through your pictures on a HD-display then the picture-quality is really ugly. Evernote shrinks the pictures to a low resolution while swiping through them and then it zooms into the low-quality pictures so that they fit to the screen. You can't do anything with the result.


I guess that the automatic shrinking of picutres has been added to speed up the swiping through the pictures but in reality it is making it extremely complicated because since this function has been added (a half year ago?) I have to send every single picture to mms-preview, only to see it in full quality and be able to zoom in. Then I go back to evernote to swipe to the next picture and again send it to the mms-preview...

It would be much more comfortable to wait 1 second longer and have the original picture in full quality.


Please fix this especially bacause more and more new smartphones are getting HD-displays.


Suggestion: Make an option "Reduce picture size while viewing (for more speed)"



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