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(Archived) Results of a (German) survey - missing features


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I got last week 280 participants (823 responses) for a little survey about the question, what Evernote users most missing. Shortly:


1. Taskmanagement (I know, it is coming)

2. - 5. more levels for notebooks, textmarker/better editor, manual sorting of notes and better crypted notes/notebooks

6. and 7. better security of the account, export of OCR


and some hunderds of comments


You can see the whole list here (scroll down, sorry, it is in German).


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Yup we need text marker/better editor. But here are my top 3 requirements:


I'm a Premium user and have been using Evernote for over a year and love it. I'm using it for a number of different uses and research projects.


(1) However I wish I could choose the image that appears in the thumbnail for each note. You can't even fake it out because Evernote doesn't consistently choose the same image -- seems to choose one at random. If it always used the last image posted, then you could just make sure the one you wanted was the last image posted even if you had to cut the image and then repost it. It doesn't take the image at the top of the page either. The thumbnails are important to me as they give me a visual guide.


(2) And while I'm at it, could we have formatting options for the horizontal bar -- ability to change length, change thickness and change color would be nice. I share some of my notes publicly and I'd like to have a nicer presentation.


(3) And I agree with those people who would like the ability to highlight within a note. I don't want to have to go to a different solution to highlight something. (I've seen comments that Evernote has heard this requirement from a number of people -- well if you have that should tell you its something people really want and see as a problem that you don't provide it. And no Clearly is not the answer.)

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