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(Archived) Strange behaviour in Windows 8 modern app


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After much back and forth I got Evernote touch running.  Although I am still to be convinced of why modern apps are better than desktop apps for us desktop users, I have Windows 8 on my PC and figured I might as well use them modern apps, as I am forced to use the start menu.


First I had the issue of sync not working, delete and re-install seems to have done the trick.  But...when I look at all my notes, none shows a preview (like an image from the snapshot) when I click on the note, it takes forever to load (just the circle turning, no content displayed) if I get out magically, there is a preview on the little box on the notes screen, if I go back in I can now see the page.


Once I come back to the notes screen, all the thumbnails flash two or three times while it appears it syncs (the green traversing dots on top appear for a few secs)


Also, on the all notes screen, if I sort by date created, go into a note and come out, it reverts to last updated sorting! :-(


I really want to give the modern app a go, but as I rely on Evernote for my work, I cannot make a under par, obviously buggy app my default.  I'll stay with the 'in need of a facelift' windows desktop app and its mobile counterpart.


For what is worth and it being my personal preference, putting aside the very buggy Windows 8 app, if you guys don't update the windows desk app so it has similar interface benefits as the wonderful way in which the Mac version allows you to manage notebooks, such as :






I will give Google Keep a try.


When are you going to make the desktop app for windows closer to the mac so I get nice medium size thumbnails instead of a million little ones? kind of a middle point between how they are shown in the modern app and OSx maybe?


Any ideas on what could be causing these issues?



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