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(Archived) How to remove location info from iPad-created note in EN Mac 5?



I've accidentally allowed Evernote to add location information to notes that I've made at home while using EN on my iPad. 


I would like to remove the location information – and for convenience I'd like to be able to do the editing in the desktop version.


But here's the rub: I can't seem to edit the location info in these notes at all from within EN for Mac. And although I can remove the location pin from the note within EN for iPad, this change doesn't appear to sync back to my Mac. (I've manually synced multiple times from both ends and waited about 15 minutes to see if any changes would show up.)


Any suggestions for how I can get this to work?


Procedure I'm currently trying on EN for Mac:

1. Use Atlas to find note with my home location

2. Open note in editing window

3. Click on i

4. See that the the field beside Location has been populated with my home location info

5. Expect to be able to click in that field and delete the location info (in the same way that I can click in the Tags field or the URL field), but find that it's inactive/greyed out.

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