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(Archived) PALM contacts & memos into EverNote

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I have been using the Palm for just about everything for several years. Have too many contacts & memo entries. Couldn't find a way to move them to EverNote without installing a 3rd party software. I am just a lil nervous about installing a random software cuz of risk of malwares. So, I created my own import utility in Microsoft Excel VBA. It is open source, so there is no risk of malicious code. The application has some rough edges, but I have managed to import my zillion Palm contacts & memos into Evernote. If anyone is in a similar situation, pls let me know. I shall also include a document listing the steps to take to perform the import into Evernote. My email is sajjanj@outlook.com . Pls mention "Evernote Import Utility" in the subject of your email.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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