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(Archived) Can't Synch T-Mobile Prism Phone and Samsung Tablet


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I have cleared my cache in both devices and started and restarted my devices many times, but I still can't sync.  I have 2 basic issues now.  1.  Obviously, would like any suggestions as to how to get the sync working.  2.  If there are no easy solutions, how do I copy the notes that I have saved.  I just started using the product recently, and the most important use is to dictate to text on business expense items, so the size of what is on my devices is small.  That being the case, if I could copy my notes from both devices and reinstall the product, I am thinking I could solve the problem. 


Would add that I changed my password last week and I suspect that is part of the problem.  In fact, some of my audio files play and some don't.  Also, I get a message that authentication failed.  I have seen how other people have lost their files when they log out (and I get a message to that effect on the log out screen), so I have been afraid to log out, and I don't know how to log in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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