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(Archived) File link conventions

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I add reference URLs to my lab notebook to show where the primary data files are;  I don't want to duplicate them.


For this, I copy the URL path using the contextual menu from Pathfinder (it's great) and then paste this into Evernote with the "add link" menu item.  


The link that's added is of the format "file//localhost/users/me/..../myfile.txt"


However, the "OK" button remains greyed out, which prevents me from adding this link.  Apparently EN prefers the URL format "file///users/me/..../myfile.txt" which does work.  Of course I can edit this every time but...


I started to complain to Cocoatech, the makers of Pathfinder, until I looked at the conventions posted by W3.org



This convention specifies the the "file://localhost/..." format as more hygienic, since it specifies the precise machine, not one perhaps with a file on an identical path.


Either works, of course, but what I'm suggesting is that Evernote should let us use whatever d***ed URL we wish, not babysitting us to use one from an approved list. 


Consider, if I have a custom app that I'd like to have linked to a url in a note "myapp://..../myinputdata.file" and all I'd have to do is register that URL in my OS.  


Please make the "add link" window "OK" button active even if the URL type is not recognized.




Dennis (not always so cranky)

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