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(Archived) Files deleted on sync

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I seem to have a problem! For some reason, when I synced my Evernote files today, all but 6 notes have disappeared, and I had something like 800 according to my activity log. All the tags, folders etc are gone. I found the files in the Trash but I didn't delete them! I can't see a way to restore them in bulk, is there a way? And does anyone have an explanation? I seem to have some sort of issue with my laptop and the phone which has Evernote on it, as I also lost on my last sync all my Dropbox files. I was able to restore all of those successfully.

From some of my research I think something has happened when my phone synced? But I"ve never had this problem before. Usually it updates these Apps (my phone is Android) and the files sync and all is fine. 

I've relied on both Dropbox and Evernote as a way to store files but now it seems I can't rely on them to keep them. Does anyone have a solution, and a way to restore the Evernote files easily? I can't see me doing them one by one  :( Is there some way to rewind? Or perhaps a cache on my computer where the files might be as is the case with Dropbox?

Thanks I

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