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first of all, I really like what I discovered in the first hours of using Evernote.

But I have one suggestion: It would be nice if Evernote would track the source PDF (or doc or whatever) when clipping new content out of the PDF. So that I can open the PDF file right from Evernote as I can with notes taken out of a web browser.

But this will probably only work with a built-in add-on like in a browser. So, unfortunately, not an easy thing to implement...

But at least entering the path and document name manually leads to the desired effect (clicking the link opens the PDF). That's great.

Two minor things:

- the forum search doesn't seem to be the best. Searching for "PDF" yields no results, although one of the last topics includes the word PDF in its title

- I agree to the guys in the subnotebook topic. One of the first things I miss is a subnotebook (although I know that there are tags and sub-tags)

But great work though!



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