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(Archived) Suggestion: category for documenting a source



I am a researcher and am using this as a better way to keep track of my notes.


-It would be wonderful if there was a category in the "Info" section to site an an author, title date etc. Full citations, or just a text area to put it all, would be even better. 

-I would love to interface with a mind mapping app. I like freemind. this way when I outline it on the map, I can click and see my detailed notes from evernote on the topic, then I can essentially copy and paste the notes into my document.

-This is asking a bit much, but I would prefer to have an option of using a board where you could click and drag items around to organize them in the order that I want to present those thoughts. Sort of like if I wrote on sticky notes and then rearranged them as a story board. 


Great product without all this. Thanks very much!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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