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(Archived) Sync fail and Evernote freeze on VPN disconnect, data loss



Hi All,

Recently upgraded to 5.0.5 and have found this version is not handling VPN connect/disconnect. I use Cisco any connect VPN, on OSX Lion 10.5.7 and often connect/disconnect during the day depending on location and access needs.

What I'm seeing now is if I have Evernote open, and change VPN state, a couple things happen:

1) Will not sync. This has always been the case, but I could close Evernote and re open and it would connect network fine and work

2) Evernote will not close. Just freezes if I try, and then only way to close it is with Force Quit option.

3) Yesterday I had edited at least one note without a sync and found today that with the force close I had lost all changes since last sync in the note.

Anyone else seeing this, or have suggestions on a fix?

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It took me awhile to realize the correlation between my VPN dropping/reconnecting and the Evernote freezes, but I'm seeing this issue also.


Windows 7 64-bit, Evernote, OpenVPN Connect


I have to "End Process" from Task Manager to kill Evernote off before opening it again.

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