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(Archived) How to search within 'Find a Tag' on Mac




I often use the 'Find a tag' dialogue at the top of the notes list column as it is a quick way of finding a tag. But I can't see a way to then search within that selected tag quickly. If you use the 'search notes' box, it searches all the notes.

I know that I could use tag:<mytag> <search term> in the search box but then I have to type out the name of the tag which I'm already in.

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious.


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A way that could work is to create a saved search for tag:my_tag

Run the saved search instead of clicking the tag, then the search dialog will apply to the subset of notes originally brought up by the saved search.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes, that's exactly what I do for tags that I use regularly, but I have hundreds of tags (well it seems lke it). It would be good to be able to just search within the selected tag.

What the 'find a tag' search box does let you do is, once you have selected a tag, lets you also select (as an intersection) any other tags that may exist within that tag (ie. items with more than one tag). This is really useful as you can select a tag, say 'car-servicing' and then chose the tag 'logs' within that tag to just show the log of events rather than the scans of the service history (all for example).

This in itself is 90% of what I need, it would just be nice to be able to search within the tag (or tags) as well

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