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(Archived) Evernote Upload File from URL

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So one thing that I've noticed, is that you can upload files ( like videos ) to Evernote, which is cool… when you want to upload stuff you already have into a note, like images.

Sometimes however, you want to save something and work on it later, like for instance, sometimes I find a 10mb video file, that I want to watch later. But I don't want to download it on my Machine.

What are the steps to do this:

1. Download it to your machine.

2. Create a note.

3. Upload it (using your underperformant upload bandwidth ).

4. Cry in shame while it uploads.

That UX Is broken, it would be better if:

1. Create a note.

2. Insert a URL that fetches the file directly into evernote.

How does this sound? can someone benefit from this? I'm thinking about looking into the API and figuring out if there's a way to do that from a web addon (I'm a developer myself).

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