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(Archived) Suggestion: Amazon Importing

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Thanks for the wonderful tool. It has changed how I work.

My idea for a feature that I'd love is Amazon importing.

I use iMediaman (I run Vista) and I have a lot of friends that use Delicious Library on the mac too. These let you catalog your real-world posessions and assign labels/to-do's etc to them.

It occurred to me the other day that if EN allowed Amazon importing (item description, image, reviews etc) it would make iMediaman and Delicious Library redundant. If such a feature were introduced, it would be heaven if I could just export my library data from iMediaman (say the ISBN field of all the books I own) and then just import this into EN which would then import all the associated images/descriptions into EN (similar to the deli.cio.us import feature). Another possibility would be for the Firefox extension to import Amazon pages into EN in an automatic way, instead of dragging around all the elements and clipping manually.

I'm sure there's a whole heap of ways that EN could benefit from an affiliate relationship with Amazon too.

I've already imagined a whole set of ways I could categorise my data that's in iMediaman. It would take me forever to go through each item manually and import it with the clipping tool.

Anyway.. that's my suggestion.

Thanks again for a wonderful product.


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