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(Archived) In-line Images, like on the Desktop Version?


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Are there plans to allow insertion of inline images in a note as with the desktop version on Android?

I want to use my phone or tablet to capture an image, then add text to the note just above or under it as I can in the desktop version.

It is rather annoying to have to capture the images and then go back to the desktop version to move the text to be in between the images.

Will this functionality be added to the Android version?

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Hi All,

I work at a university and would like to trial Evernote in a Chemistry course with hundreds of students. 

However - the lack of this feature is preventing us from recommending this app on Android.

The wishlist item seems to be at least 8 months old, when can Android users expect to be able to set images inline with text?

We also require the ability for students to create tables.

Other than these issues, Evernote holds promise.


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We need piuctures on Android devices to be displayed where the cursor was when the shot was taken.  Currently they do not appear inline, they all appear in order at the bottom of the note.


I am a real estate agent, and need this ability to capture photos of homes, as I take notes about features.  Pictures need to be inserted in the location thathat the cursor appeared when the picture was taken.  Having all of the pictures show up at the bottom of the note makes no sense at all.


I will be looking for another app.  Wish that this was functional right now.  Could have been usefull.


Will check back in a month or so.

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