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(Archived) The name of Penultimate's backup "package"?


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I am wondering if someone can tell me what the name of Penultimate's backup "package" would be called, within my most recent iPad backup in iTunes?

I have iPhone Backup Extractor and am viewing the huge list of individual app packages (with names like "com.atebits.ios.Letterpress" and such) but I cannot find in the list anything to do with Penultimate. There are a number of very cryptically named packages, so I am hoping it's not one of those, but I am doubting it is given that both Evernote and Cocoabox wouldn't likely have been that... confusing in the way they named their backup.

Unfortunately there is no way for me to copy the list and run a text search for a particular text string, otherwise I could dig for it that way. I'm hoping that someone here can tell me what the name of the package is so I can at least pinpoint it in the list.

Thank you in advance,


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