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(Archived) Sync problems after latest update and possible solution

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my own experience with evernote problems, so this might also help somebody else.

I am using EN on both Mac and iPhone and regularily edit one note. After v5 came out I noticed significant slowdown of both desktop and mobile interfaces, and this was getting worse and worse over time. Eventually my iPhone was not able to sync this particular note at all, complaining about 'Cannot make HTTP request' error. I tried to reinstall the app, clear caches, but nothing helped. Desktop verson was also slow, but at least was usable. Mobile version was not.

I was so desperate to continue working with this note on both devices, so I bought a couple of EN thirtd party apps for iPhone (Clever, SmartEver), but both did not work well. SmartEver even failed to load my notes at all. Clever was able to sync, but editing this note was also extremely slow.

When the last update came out (v5.1.1) I was very disappointed to see that my problem still persists. iPhone version still reports sync error.

I decided to export this note, delete it and re-create. And there I noticed that somehow it grew to 2.5 Mbytes of conflicting changes! The note contained loooong tail of its own contents with subtitles "conflicting changes" (almost 50 copies). I believe, interface slowness was caused by this.

I have just cleared this note in desktop version and made last sync. Now both desktop and iPhone versions work like a charm!

Bottom line: if you still have sync problems after latest updates, look for unusually large notes. Somehow EN creates a mess when trying to resolve conflicting changes and note size can grow exponentially, which leads to slowness and sync erros.

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