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(Archived) New to evernote - feel like I need some help to get the most out of it


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Hello everyone, first post! yay......!

Long story short, I scribble on paper a lot, then turn the page in my notebook and by scribblings are lost forever. So I tried evernote for the past two weeks, and it seems to be working well for me.

I use it for two things mainly, in my personal stuff I have stored a couple of recipes in there, some links to products I have on my wishlist, upcoming flight details and I have a car restoration project going so I am dumping photos of bits of car in there.

At work, I have set up a very complicated... (not sure if I am doing this right) set of notebooks. So I have the top level notebook stack called Actions, then a notebook inside that for Closed Actions, then a notebook for open actions for each project I am working on. When an action is complete I drag it to complete, so I don't delete anything. Eventually I may clean out my closed action notebook.

Then there are tags, I am not very disciplined when it comes to these, I don't want to leave notes untagged, so I just seem to be making up a ridiculous amount of tags and most of them don't make much sense.

I did find a really cool thing the other day, my highest priority actions I tagged with "Get done today" and dragged the tag to my toolbar, that way I can see all my highest priority actions across all projects.

So basically I want some feedback, am I making the most of the software? Should I perhaps let go of my rigid action structure? Any more tips or advice from some fellow users would be really welcome, I love the software so far, and I just want to make sure it stays useful and doesn't grow into an uncontrolled monster!

Many thanks!

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