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(Archived) accessibility assistance required

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I'm hand disabled, you speech recognition, and I could use a little help. Minimum assistance I could use is the ability to invoke a specific note in place the cursor at the end of the note so I could dictate additional information. Specifically I'm using it for logging tasks to perform at work and to have a very low effort way of creating a note, not unlike paper and pencil used to be, would help me tremendously in my life.

Again, to spell it out, the sequence am looking to do is

1) say something (grammar my responsibility)

2) recognition event triggers invocation of evernote if it has not been started

3) switching focus to the desired note

4) Place the cursor at the end of the note

A future dream would actually be properly integrated with NaturallySpeaking. Proper integration would require access to be contents of the edit control displaying the note and internally synchronizing with what NaturallySpeaking thinks it has.

Thanks for any help

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