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(Archived) Wishing a new function - hyperlink to note contents


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Wishing Evernote to add a new function that when users want to make a reference or to mention something they had ever noted in their Evernote, they could make not only a link to the whole note but a link directly to the exact place in the contents, cause a note could have thousands of words sometimes, it's too hard to find some highlighted sentences inside.

And of course the rest of the contents will be still editable, very handy if the hyperlink can be copied and cut and edited from both sides. Maybe the appearance of the hyperlink would be something like the highlighted mark in the Evernote Clearly, popups may appear when mouse arrow across.

Hope to get attention. :)

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To strengthen the "link" function would be very useful for users not only use Evernote to remember "things", but also to remember "ideas".

I tried some other note software before, but don't like their complex notebook structure - it follows the way of making archives, not way of create ideas.

Just like the synapses in our brain, ideas need "links".

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