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(Archived) Start Screen - replace "All Personal Notes" with a Notebook of choice?

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First hello, and thank you for Evernote, I think it's a great service and app.

This is for all platforms. I am not sure if this is something I didn't managed to find or a feature request. Or I'm misusing Evernote.

I had some stuffy note about an accident, managing 3rd party, repair and insurance contacts and reference numbers, together with proof pictures of the accident.

I saved this note for future reference in an "archive" folder, which I don't want to see. However I always see it on my start page, no matter I use Windows, Android or the Web Interface. This is a bit daunting and makes me reluctant to open Evernote - so that I don't the pictures with my beloved former car crashed, which bring back not pleasant memories.

So my question is: is there anyway that I could select which Notebook to be on the start page? For example just my default notebook?

If I really want to dig in the archive I won't mind a doing a click every few months.


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