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(Archived) By default, editing cursor is in title


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For a note-taking app, Evernote has a lot of unique features. But I have used a lot of note-taking apps over the years and I find a few things that Evernote does on my android phone a bit weird & sometimes frustrating. In my opinion, there is a serious lack of options for the app defaults, in both premium & free versions, which make everyday usage a pain. Like the default miniscule & unchangeable font size on android 2.3 - my keyboard keys are larger than the letters in my notes! And the fact that pressing the edit pencil puts the cursor in the title of the current note! If I want to quickly add something before I forget it in my "random stuff" note, I select the note on the widget & press the edit pencil then have to manually scroll to the bottom to add that thing. This is awful & frustrating as most, if not all, other programs I've previously used allowed me to simply tap once or double-tap exactly where I want to start editing in my note.

And, anyway, who wants to change the title of a note or any other document EVERY single time they wish to edit some part of it?!

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