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(Archived) EN Storage - Need to move to Internal


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Hi all,

I have upgraded my tablet to ICS. I've reinstalled EN and it gives me the error that EN can't create a database because my memory card is full. I do NOT have an SD card and do NOT want to use one. I just want to use my 16GB internal storage. I've looked through the KB and forums.

The KB says this can be set in Settings, but it is not giving me the option to use Internal Storage.

I've tried several App2SD apps but they do not move from SD to internal, only seem to be one way transfer.

I just installed EN ver 4.3.5.

Has anyone been able to do this migration? Again, this is a fresh install of EN.

Please do not respond with "Use and SD card" or something along those lines. I do NOT want one.

Thanks in Advanced,


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