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(Archived) Recovering evernote notes


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Hello EN users!

My 'USB STORAGE' folder has been formatted. Since then EN hasn't worked. I fear I may have lost my unsync'd notes but I will attempt to regain them.

I'll try and use my o+o disk recovery softeware on the Android device (galaxy s2: in storage mode.

As the aformentioned "drive" (aka folder aka partition) was formatted I guess a simple undelete won't work (I did try this anyway and no it didn't work.) So I'm attempting to search for the enml files via the hexadecimal file signature search in my recovery software... and recover them!

I can get the hex signature by comparing 3 different enml files in a hex editor and viewing the common hex data at the start of the file. Trouble is I don't have any enml files afaik.

Could someone attach a few enml files please :) If this, + my other plans, goes well then this may serve as one of the 1st posts on the web able to help EN users in a similar situation. (There are many unanswered / unsolved forum posts from worried EN users repeatedly hitting their heads against the proverbial brick wall when it comes to this issue.)

I'll let you know how I get on!


Apparently (some?) EN data may be stored in some kind of .dat file.. can anyone elaborate on this?

Many thanks!

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Please excuse my ignorance if any info / opinions in my previous post are incorrect. If so could you please point it out.. thanks.


I still have no definitive answer to this issue.



Briefly (to avoid me being too verbose):


  • 1) Accidentally formatted USB storage [re:android]


  • 2) Apparently files can still be recovered from this situation (can anyone confirm?)


  • 3) If so which files do I need to recover?

(ie: What files do I need to find using the file recovery utility? .dat? Other?)

  • 4) Once I recover these files, do I have to decode them, or use another procedure to recover the lost notes?


  • 5) If so how?


If I'm missing something please let me know. I'm aware how little I understand the situation re: evernote file format / coding, so will be happy to be treated like a noob here if I learn anything! On the same note advanced solutions are welcome as I have some [limited] programming knowledge.




PS: If anyone else would like help with this please join the thread and it will increase the chances of a solution (probably ;)




"It will be very difficult to recreate the notes out of the lost files. Android stores all of the resource files as .dat, so it will be very difficult for you to differentiate between photos, audio files, etc. You may be able to recover these files separately, but even then you will have to manually re-associate the resources and the notes."


  • Does anyone have any input regarding this quote? Any idea on how to re-associate sources and notes?


  • As a long shot (and potential red herring) I do actually have the android SDK and wonder if this will help.


  • I also wonder if a simple program could be created to sequentially "re-associate the resources and the notes."



It would be great if Evernote could show this post to one of the Android software engineers!





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