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(Archived) Tarpipe + Evernote + Flicker = fail

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On this Evernote blog, I see a VERY cool feature - the ability to auto-tag Flickr photos with text found in the image using Evernote:

http://blog.evernote.com/2008/11/10/tar ... tegration/

I've tried it a few times though, and each time I get the same result - no tags other than 'tarpipe'.

My assumption is that the workflow posts the image to Flickr faster than Evernote can identify the text in the image.

A quick Flickr search for the tarpipe tag revealed that other folks might be having the same issue - as it was the only tag...but I can't say for sure they are Evernote users.

Has anyone been able to replicate the results shown in the feature demonstration video? If so, perhaps you can shed some light on what might be causing my problems?


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