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(Archived) Printing to Evernote (OSX)

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I am new to this forum so please excuse if this has already been addressed.

I am still using the (non-appstore) version of Evernote. This particular version has the ability of adding new entries by "saving pdf to Evernote" - available in the print menu by clicking pdf.

I use this feature a lot.

I have on several occasions attempted to install the appstore version of Evernote and I find that this is not available - at least I have been unable to make it available - and that has caused me to revert to the non-appstore version.

I have attempted to ask Evernote support about this but have only been provided boilerplate answers. Frankly I gave up dealing with their non-support.

With a new being released soon I wanted to ask this now once again.

Best regards

Peter W


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