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Sync Problems with satellite internet connection

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Is any body having problems syncing via a Satellite Internet connection.

I have been using Evernote's windows client to go paperless for a year now and up to last month it worked fine over my satellite connection.

But Now I am having problems.

New small text notes and small text or tag changes to bigger notes seen to sync OK over the satellite connection. but if I try to add a photo or PDF the note will not sync up to the Evernote servers.

I know it is just my satellite connection because if I am away from home and connect via the Mobile phone network the notes will sync. Any notes that I make on my android sync down from the Evernote server without a problem. its just getting notes from my windows client up to the Evernote servers.

I'm hopping that I can find the problem as I have invested a lot of time in my Evernote setup.

Here's hoping

following Log with Can't send HTTP request, error:

11:54:32 [3796] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com

11:54:32 [3796] 0% * loaded updateCount: 85749

11:54:35 [3796] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0

11:54:35 [3796] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=85749

11:54:35 [3796] 0% * saved updateCount: 85749

11:54:36 [3796] 0% Updating server items

11:54:36 [3796] 67% Creating server note "waikerie directory.pdf"

11:56:05 [3796] 67% Can't send HTTP request, error:


11:56:05 [3796] 67% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 1m 33s

11:56:05 [3796] 67% * sent: 138B, received: 80B

11:56:05 [3796] 67% * 1m 33s (100%) spent in EDAM RPC

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I am still having problems syncing over satellite.

But have found my uploads are working reliably over my satellite connection if using the android platform.

I can sync just text notes with windows But PDF over 100KB or photos on the windows client or web interface will not sync up to the evernote.com servers.

Can any body tell me what the difference between the Windows client and the android App is when it comes to using my Internet connection.

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Evernote will not work over some satellite connections if they do not have TCP or HTTP Acceleration on uploads, which puts packets of data that arrive in the wrong order back in the right order instead of just losing them. This does not cause a problem for other services such as google drive or dropbox. A IP service I had though IPstar worked OK but the Australian Government National broadband (NBN) satellite service does not work and as far as i Know Evernote are not working on it their end, and Satellite users are in the minority I guess.  :(  :(  :(

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Update  2014-02-12


I have noticed that over the last week that Evernote has been syncing over my satellite connection!!   :):D man am I happy.

Can some one from Evernote confirm that changes have been made to the way data packet are handled.

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