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(Archived) Lost data/data over-written in Sync between iPhone and Macbook



All day today I was taking notes on my Macbook in a note called "Argumentation," in a notebook called "Comps." I had intermittent internet connectivity, but was getting plenty of "note synched" notifications. In the evening, I went to take notes on my iPhone app in a different note, called "Rhetorical vision," in the same notebook.

When I returned to take notes in "Argumentation" on my Macbook. I received a "conflicting changes" notification. Now, all the content of my "Argumentation" note has been replaced by the content of my "Rhetorical Vision" note.

In other words, I have lost all the content from one note, which was replaced by (updated) content from another note. I accessed my web account, and it's the same thing.

I have filled out a help ticket. These were notes for a serious examination I am taking on Thursday of this week. I am close to losing my mind--I NEED that info!

If I upgrade to premium now, will I be able to skip the help ticket and access earlier versions of notes?

Also, I just looked at the "activity log." It appears that Evernote was generating thumbnails of the note in question throughout the day. Does this mean there is hope?

Edit: I just upgraded, and it looks like Evernote thinks I somehow updated the "Argumentation" note with the content from the "Rhetorical Vision" note. This is simply not true. All I can access is yesterday's note, which is missing all of my important work from today. Color me depressed.

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