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(Archived) How to backup/restore evernote notes?


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hi guys

i was finding some diary like software,tried some but liked the interface of Evernote and i am using it now on windows.i want to know in case i have to reinstall the OS or transfer it to my laptop,how can i backup the data of my everynote software,i mean backing up my notes that are being added,i dont want to store them online,please help me out in this case.

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One way to backup your Evernote files is to backup "C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Database" (on Mac). As described here: https://support.ever...questionID=1283

However, this kind of "raw" (bare-metal) backup is not the best way to recovery from single accidental deletion or corruption. These backups are for "disaster recovery" cases.

In the other words, the problem with this kind of backup of Evernote is that you get "raw" files which I cannot used without restore and it hard to do "single file" restore ( it is not "application" aware). Also these kinda of backup will backup your notes only when they are sync'd with PC (and sometimes you might create so many notes on your iPad and iPhone that this might be a big problem).

One other thing you can use to backup and export all your Evernote notes is cloudHQ (http://cloudHQ.net): cloudHQ is basically data replication software for the cloud. So cloudHQ can replicate all your Evernote notes into Dropbox / Google Drive / Box and export them into PDF, MSWord, ODT, TXT or ENEX format. And everything is done in the cloud and continuously so there no need to wait for note to be sync'd with your PC (or Mac): as soon as you create a note in Evernote it will be replicated to some other cloud system.

Additional to backup, sometimes it is neat to have ability of Dropbox history (or Google Drive versioning) just to peak into previous version of a note or to have Evernote attachments ready in Dropbox / Google Drive / Box for further processing. Or you can share certain notes via Dropbox / Google Drive / Box. Anyway just one more option to consider.

Since cloudHQ does also is two-way replication solution you can also use it do import data into Evernote from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Anyway just one more option to consider.

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