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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Direct "Skitch" & "Penultimate" to Evernote.


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Feature request: ability to directly draw into evernote by combining evernote, skitch and penultimate - i absolutely hate that on all of my devices, if i want to draw something in evernote it will open skitch and then i can save to evernote. I would love to see skitch and penultimate implemented directly into evernote text so i can click a button, draw, click another button and start typing, keeping everything in one note.

Im using the Samsung Galaxy Note and i highly recommend this device for evernote users, HOWEVER, i find myself using more and more of the S note and other samsung apps and then uploading them separately to evernote to keep them in the cloud in one spot.

I would also like to request penultimate for android. and the ability to COPY AND PASTE text without going into edit mode.


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This is something that should be priority with new tablets coming. I have been working out getting Onenote on a decent tablet for years to no avail. The free form ability to ink and text in a unified interface you can sync is the ultimate note taking app.

Microsoft has Onenote set up for the RT tablet line already so you are seeing some serious competition right around the corner.

10 Hour tablets that can both in and handle regular notes ... evernote needs a piece of that pie.

The HTC Flyer has an ink app that syncs one way with evernote why not get the code from them and integrate as a trunk or something.

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