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(Archived) REQUEST [Chrome]: Please make plug-in open source


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Can you guys please make the evernote web clipper open source? It is a great start and really makes the product great as a whole. However, I think I and probably others out there can help you guys make it a great plug-in. Often times the extension will select way more than just the article -- including ads and other ancillary garbage. However, I do like how it allows you to maintain the visual style of the article. I think the ideal state, which I would like to help you guys get to would involve improving the visual representation of the CSS div breaks so that you can unselect the sections you don't want to use -- even asynchronously. What I mean is that discontinuous sections should be selectable and then stitched so to speak into the final note.

Also I want to try making the plug-in take suggestions from the page itself for Tags. Many articles across websites have a div section that identifies the topics to which the site files the article. These topics could be auto-included as a Tags. Furthermore, the web clipper does not seem to extract the listed author and embed properly into the note.

Again, let me please help -- or at the very least can I please get the source under some license so that I can improve it for myself? I spend too much time post-processing and curating the notes that the chrome webclipper makes.

Sorry if this has been discussed, or if the code actually is already available somewhere. I did a search and didn't find anything relevant.


EDIT: I just noted that I should be able to access the code. Thanks

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