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Spring Cleaning with Evernote

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Our Parenting Ambassador, Carley Knobloch, put together a great downloadable PDF with her tips for cleaning up your home, garden, closet and digital life with Evernote. Check it out here:


Anyone out there have some great Spring Cleaning tips to share with the community?

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I should say those are really great tips. I don't think I have much to share but I've read few blogs of cleaning using natural ingredients. One I remember is tagging along with this: http://wellnessmama.com/6244/19-natural-cleaning-tips/

It is really useful tips. Another one is scenting using natural mints and lime. There was an article but I can't find the link to it. It is about using natural scents of mind, sandlewood, lime, orange etc. cooking or boiling with water and then cleaning using that water or spraying it all around the room will make your room feel good.
I've seen during the spring most people hire home or commercial cleaning service, I think I have to share somethings with them. Here is an article that will help you out how to figure out which cleaning service will be best for you. http://www.workinghomeguide.com/18182/questions-you-should-ask-a-maid-service-before-you-hire-them

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Thank you for a very helpful article.  When a lots of physical items are present in your home, it is a difficult job to organize or keep track of them. House cleaning becomes extremely difficult when lots of such items not sure of wanted or not are present. These tips are effective in many situations like scanning manuals and necessary documents can be useful when we are in need to check it. I myself keep most of my personal documents scanned online so that they are accessible whenever I need them. Also keeping a checklist of to-dos and important items can be handy. Getting rid of unwanted items is an important step of cleaning house.

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