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(Archived) HELP: Alternative note takers for Mac?

Suhayb Hafiz


I am looking for another platform to take notes so I can copy paste the notes directly into evernote

This is how I take notes in evernote:

  • Here is a point
    • Here is its subpoint
    • In the following sub point I shall add a picture
      • (Picture)
      • So far so good
      • All of a sudden...

    [*]The app will not allow me to do stuff like edit->undo, and simple tasks like copy and paste go haywire

    [*]Without fail, editing my document goes retarded as soon as I put the picture in

    • If I press ENTER after my picture, it magically moves back instead of giving me a new bullet point
    • A "corrupt" enter space follows my picture that simultaneously causes a bug in which a single point will have two bullet points attributed to it
      • extremely frustrating

So now I am on the search for a new note taking solution. I want to take notes the same way I take notes now, copy and paste the notes into an evernote document. So far I have tried word 2011 for the mac. It takes great bullet style notes in both notebook mode and print preview mode. But when I copy and paste into evernote I lose all of the bullet style formatting and all my notes end up as such:

Here is a point

this is its subpoint

??? why are there no indentations

Sometimes there will be bullets, but not in the hierarchal manner I am looking for. Has anyone found any good Rich text editors that allow me to write in bullet form and copy and paste into evernote? I ask because I know the iPad has a ton of apps that sync to evernote but mac users are forced to use the terrible rich text editor in evernote. BTW I am running OSX lion.

I apologize for my...ranting

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