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(Archived) Including URL source to notes

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Hi all. I'm rather new to Evernote, but I have been using it for a few weeks and it is quite a handy little tool. The only complaint that I have with it, however, is that (as far as I know) when I note something from my web browser (being Firefox) and it adds the note, it can not bind or include the URL of the web page which the source of the note came from. What I mean is, say I am on a Wikipedia article and there is just a tiny tidbit of information that I want to note, then I note it. But when Evernote stores the note, it does not include the URL of the page that the note came from, so if I ever wanted to check back to the source of that note (which I often do) then I have to hunt it down, which takes lots of time and is inefficient. Now, to compromise, I have manually been copying and pasting the URL onto my notes, but that is not as quick and snappy as it could be, which I want it to be.

Is there any way - some kind of setting or anything - that can bind the URL to the note? Or am I just blind and am missing something?

Please help!!! :D

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