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(Archived) Skitch and WEBDAV to my iDisk


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I'm interested in using the Public folder on my iDisk to store my Skitch clips (yeah I know it's going away in June, just would like it to work now as it should.)

I've had some trouble parameterizing Skitch's Preferences->Sharing pane to add the WEBDAV parameters for my iDisk account (Skitch is very particular about when and where slashes get added, etc.) but I now have it working, and clips that I make with Skitch are uploaded to the correct subdir in my iDisk Public folder. The folder is password protected and the authorization proceeds correctly.

The problem is, Skitch still throws an error, even after a successful upload. The message shown in the UI says:

Web Post Error
Posted File is not appearing where it should
Please check your "Base URL" setting

Perusing the log shows only the following anomalous entries at the very end of the session:


* Protocol webdav not supported or disabled in libcurl
* Unsupported protocol

However, from looking at the entire WEBDAV log, the WEBDAV parameters and my iDisk Finder window that the file did indeed upload correctly. Anyone else experienced this bug?


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Skitch checks that file was in fact uploaded correctly.

i.e. assuming image is xxx.png, it will try to read <baseurl>/xxx.png and check it's same xxx.png it uploaded.

For this to work base url must be either http or https(and if it's https - it could also not work if CA used for https is not in old curl's ca-bundle.crt(but trusted by modern browsers))

Is there way to access iDisk via http/https? If there is none - this will not work

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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