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(Archived) Welcome to Skitch Window


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When I first downloaded and opened skitch, I left the "Show this window" box checked on the "Welcome to Skitch" pop up that appears when you open skitch.

Apparently this was not wise. Unlike most programs the check box suddenly disappears the first time you leave it checked. This is absolutely unacceptable as the pop up window interferes with my ability to use Skitch when I need it most.

I have scoured help forums, the user manual, preferences, I can not find a way to shut this off. I have even tried deleted and redownloading Skitch. I need a solution to shut this off or I'll start looking for other screen capture solutions.

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I have the same problem.

EVERY TIME I start Skitch, I get the pop-up window asking me to download Evernote (which I already HAVE).

It's so annoying, I've gone looking for an alternative application.

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