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Fine-tune college search online


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The Chicago tribune posted an articleFine-tune college search online that features ways to use Evernote to improve the college search.

Today, with technology permeating nearly every aspect of life, students and families are finding ways to stay more organized and productive throughout the process. Applications and mobile devices allow students to research a school, visit a campus and meet with admissions counselors — all while never setting foot on school grounds. Here are a few of those tools available to students and parents:

Evernote.com: Though the tool was not designed specifically for the college admissions process, Evernote lets students and parents produce and organize their notes, opinions and experiences in one place. This free app, available on nearly every platform, gives users the ability to archive and access their college search progress anywhere in the world. "It's vital that students don't spend any time during their senior year idle when it comes to the college admissions process," says Eric Berg, vice president for enrollment at The College of St. Scholastica in Minnesota. "And programs like (Evernote) only help. A modern-day student who says, 'I don't have any tools to be organized' hasn't looked."
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Here's one way to fine-tune your college search - check out Rally U powered by Academbot. This is a rich source of college search related articles and content, sign up to get all the latest information to help you pick the right one. You'll receive points and prizes for sharing each piece of content with your friends on your social networks.


I hope you enjoy Rally U!


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