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(Archived) Problem with evernote web site? "Parature" maintence message

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Hi All,

Can anyone else confirm that the evernote support site is offline?

When I attempt to go to https://support.evernote.com/ (the link to support from the evernote homepage), I end up at http://phx.parature.com/maintenance.html which is displaying a maintenance message from 8th October.

Also, the page at http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ appears to be broken / not rendering properly, and when I fill out the fields at the bottom of the form (email, username etc) and click on submit, I get an error message of: "Error creating support customer".

I wanted to lodge a ticket as my two desktop clients and web client don't agree on the number of notes in my main notebook.

Many thanks,


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