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(Archived) A note has disappeared? Windows XP

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Recently I lost my internet connection because of the well publicised XP upgrade/ZoneAlarm conflict.

Sometime after this I found that my contacts note had disappeared. This contained 2 double-click hyperlinks to my Ecco contacts applications and had worked perfectly for some time.

This note isn't in the Trash or in the web page though the 'empty' Contact tags are present in my desktop Evernote and the web page.

I wonder if Evernote happened to be trying to synchronise when my internet connection went down?

This particular note is easily re-createable but the disappearance of notes for whatever cause is obviously very serious; if there is any further information your support people need in order to resolve this please ask and I will do my best to give it

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The note shouldn't disappear just because there was a sync/connectivity problem. First, try to find your note visually, having 'All notebooks' displayed. Please see if you have no suspicious blank notes with no content, which might indicate you have some problems with the local database.

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