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(Archived) Suggestion: Consistent formatting!

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First of all, I love the product. Being able to update my notes on my iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows machine from anywhere is amazing.

But there needs to be consistent formatting between platforms. Seems like every time I create a note on one platform, when I go to edit it on another platform there are format differences that are hard to resolve. I just want simple things like bulleted lists, indentation, some rich text (bold, italic).

And when I fix up the note on the second platform, and go back to the first platform, the format is broken again.

Would love to have a format-agnostic way to do an outline (bullets, multiple levels) that wouldn't change from one machine to the next.

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Agreed. I'm doing a lot of rewriting/editing, particularly with bullet pointed lists.

The problem seems to arise when you edit a note on iphone or ipad, or when you create a new note on the iphone or ipad. It seems the mobile apps use an odd font called "helvetica, arial, sans" and do not allow selection of a specific font or size. The desktop app allows one to pick a font and size, mine is set to Tahoma 10.

The solution to me seems to be the ability to set a default font and size on mobile apps.

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