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(Archived) Playing audio note on android


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I just downloaded Evernote and excited with its features. I recorded one audio note on my laptop (running windows), it saved the note in '.wav' format. I have 2 phones, one is windows and the other is android. After the sync, windows phone could play the note but on android I got a message that the file format is not supported on android.

What do I need to do?

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yes! it would be most wonderful if you would let the user choose the format we want for our devices. I work on Mac, Android and PC's, so since Wav isn't supported on Android, I can't hear those audio files on my android phone.

And I would love to be able to download them to my computer. I am a musician and this tool has been very helpful, except for these two things:

1) I want to be able to choose the format for recording: .amr, .wav, .mp3

2) I want to be able to download my audio files.

Can you make this happen?

Thank you.

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I am also having this problem on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I created a note with a recording on my iPad2, at the end of the meeting I was able to play the recording on my iPad. Pulled out my phone to sync evernote with my phone, all synced and opened the note that I just created and tried to play the audio recording. The error I received was "Sorry the player does not support this type of audio file" (the ipad created a wav file). The player is a the built-in music player in android ICS and I am able to listen to wav files since my work voicemail sends them to my corporate email, and they are also wav files.

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I'm on the same boat. Created a audio note in my mac during class... sync'ed and my android Galaxy S2 can't play the .wav file. I'd like to add to the request list an equalized recording option. I mean, I want a 7-band eq so I can skip recording useless low frequency and stick to the usefull voice recording in a class... also the ability to set my prefered bit rate would be great. I know evernote lives by selling data trafic, but that would be great. I'd also add that nor the web version of evernote nor the windows 8 "app" are able to play that .wav file I recorded with my mac (running Snow Leopard) the only other way to listen to it is using the windows desktop aplication.

Edit: I'm waiting for this to properly work to upgrade to premium. If I can't listen to my classes at my phone there's no reason to upgrade... Otherwise I'll keep using my messy dropbox/disco setup to have my notes at hand.... also when we will see proper audio timestamps? I want to click at something I wrote at the note and go to the exactly point in the recorded audio file at the time I was writing. I use Word for mac at notebook layout with audio notes to achieve that.

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Playing audio recordings on Android EverNote still seems to be an issue.


Are there any plans to fix this bug?


Android can play WAV files fine, just not via Evernote audio recordings...  What player is EverNote trying to use to play back WAV files???


Come on, some help would be appreciated after > 1 year .... !



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