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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Backdating Notes via Email?

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Currently, when you send an email to EN, the "Date:" header is ignored and both the creation date and last updated date are set to when the message was received by EN. I would like to propose that instead the "Date:" header be used for the creation date of the note and when the message was received be used as the last updated date. The advantage of this is that old emails can be redirected (e.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunde ... -redirect/) to EN (which leaves the original "Date:" header and adds a "Resent-Date:" header) and they can be sorted based upon their original creation time (instead of only by the time that they were forwarded).



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Since everyone else exaggerates their requests I'll also say that if do this you'll all make a truckload of money, win Nobel prizes in physics, cure global warming, balance the US budget, and issue in an era of world peace. I'm sure this can be done in only 30 seconds of coding too.

This is so good -- I'm going to have to attach it to all of my feature requests from now on -- thanks baumgarr! ;-)

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