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(Archived) Very Well Done

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I download this program on Saturday, and I'm very impressed by it. Well Done. I can hardly wait for the full version. :)

I've been trying for a long time to find a great program for taking notes. I have MS OneNote, which is a great program if you only work from one computer. I've been using OneNote at home, and Google Notebook at work. This is manageable if you don't mind messing with two different programs; and also if you don't mind how cluttered Google Notebook gets. I've also tried working with Zoho notes program, but although it looks good, Zoho still doesn't work so well.

At home, I have a Gateway notebook computer, Windows XP, and I use Firefox 3. The synchronization process worked without an error when I tried it with Firefox 3.

I need Evernote because I take a lot of notes at work and I want to synchronize those notes with my home computer. And additional problem is the Internet security on my work computer will sometime block out websites. The good news is that Evernote was not blocked out. The bad news is that my work computer still uses Explorer 6, which is not yet supported by Evernnote. I did see the pop up that said the support will be added, so I'm excited about that.

I can hardly wait for the final product. Great job. :D

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